A platform to help SMEs attract, convert and manage graduate talent

Without the right resources, bringing graduates into your company can be labour intensive and expensive. The GradTouch platform offers an end-to-end update on hiring graduates that makes it attractive, manageable and cost effective.



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How effective is your graduate attraction strategy?


The Graduate Attraction Audit is a simple, straightforward set of 40 yes/no questions.

All results are confidential and all participants receive a scorecard that helps them understand not only how they compare alongside the latest techniques and trends, but how they compare alongside the graduate market in its entirety.


GradTouch's Early Careers Network



GradTouch's Early Careers Network is designed to give SMEs the latest tech developments, original research and unique insights to help them compete with the traditional industry leaders. 

Whereas in the past it was companies leading the market, Early Careers has swung to put the power back into the hands of the candidates. Internal recruitment is no longer a straightforward process and, as a result, we are operating in a far more dynamic, creative and data-driven landscape.

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